Investing in Private Money Loans

Straightline is a premier provider of Bridge Loans and Rental Property Loans.  

Why Invest in Private Money Loans? 

  • Higher than average yields

  • Investments are secured by 1 to 4 family property

  • Loans are short term, typically 6 to 12 months

  • Collateral is professionally appraised

  • Conservative loan to values.  Typically not more than 70%

  • Investments are secured with a deed or mortgage recorded in public records

  • Property and Title insurance are obtained on the property

  • Loans are serviced by a professional third party loan servicer

  • Passively invest in real estate without the headaches of tenants, contractors, realtors, etc.

What does Straightline Offer? 

  • Single Notes/Whole Loans.  We do not sell fractional pieces of loans or participations 

  • Proven underwriting guidelines with low occurrences of default

  • Choice to fund loans at the closing table or after Straightline has already closed and funded the loan

  • A simple process for investors to evaluate loan documentation, purchase loans, and access 3rd party servicing

  • Straightline will remain customer facing and handle day to day items like constructions draws 

  • 20+ years of real estate investing and lending experience